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Department Directory

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Our Admissions Department is here to answer any questions you may have about services we provide. This is also the department to contact with regards to starting services. 


The Payroll Department is where you would make changes to your retirement plan, inquire about sick time, health insurance, a change in your deduction or vacation pay.  


The Staffing Department is here for all of your scheduling needs. This department works with our staff as well as our patients family to ensure coverage needs are met.

Medical Records

If you are trying to obtain your patient medical records, or are a health care professional looking to obtain medical information The Medical Records Department is here to assist. 

Human Resources

The Human Resource Department is where the steps to employment begin. Whether you are inquiring about a position with Serene or you are a current employee looking to request information about in-service, they can help. 


The Billing Department handles all billing for the entire agency. If you are a patient or patient family member, insurance company or facility that has questions about billing, this is the department to contact. 


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